The unconditional love of a mother



The unconditional love of a mother is so very precious. Mothers go through so much, on a daily basis. It is always focus on the family, 24/7. They look after their children with love, devotion, commitment, loyalty, compassion.

Here is a moving story of compassion from a war zone. Fergal Keane is a a BBC TV News Correspondent. He traveled to the front line and met people living in the village of Pisky, in Eastern Ukraine. While others fled, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, had nowhere to go. He visited the home of Sonya and her severely disabled son for the first time in 2015 and he revisited the village in 2016.

You cannot help but be moved by his report. Sonya in 2018 would be 80 years old. (She was 77 years of age when Fergal Keane first visited her home in Pisky). Her work is not done. It brought tears to my eyes to see the love and the compassion of Sonya in his powerful report. She had made a conscious decision not to leave her village. Why? She did not want anyone to take her son away. She was going to care for him 24/7, for the rest of her days. She loved him with all of her heart, with every breath she takes, with every move she makes. She will always watch over him. Despite living in poverty with not much income, Sonya has refused to let it define her. She is a very brave and courageous woman. Mothers who have children with disabilities deserve medals for their devoted service, all in the cause of their loved ones.

If you go to 3:01 minutes of Fergal Keane’s BBC News report on the youtube link you will see the power of love in action. Sonya weeps out of compassion for her disabled son. She lovingly strokes his head and says she will not allow anyone to take him away. He is loved. He is cared for. She will not leave his side.

I so pray that a church or a charity will reach out and help Sonya and her beloved son.


Photographs of Sonya and her son courtesy of the BBC.